Vistaprint Contact Number: 0800 496 0350

Contact Vistaprint by calling their freephone customer service number 0800 496 0350 for enquiries about the cost of their business cards, corporate banner orders and to apply a promo code when you login to their online store to make a purchase.


About the Company

Vistaprint is an online retailer that produces business cards, corporate signs and digital marketing products for small businesses across the globe. Notably, when the internet first launched in 1999, Vistaprint was one of the first businesses to offer its customers the capabilities of desktop publishing but now also sells physical items such as corporate stationery and clothing.


Freephone Contact Number – 0800 496 0350

You should phone Vistaprint on their freephone customer service contact number 0800 496 0350 if you require assistance with their online card printing and design services. For instance, if you are unsure which paper quality or business card type you should use then the customer service advisor can detail the different types accordingly. The customer service representative will also be able to detail any deals when making a bulk order, including whether you are eligible for a discount when adding flyers or signs to your existing purchase. Furthermore, you can use this number to ask whether your order qualifies you to use any ongoing promotional discount codes before asking whether they can be used in conjunction with any physical coupons. If you have already made an order but have forgotten the details needed to login to your account then you can reset your password over the phone. Alternatively, customers with an existing order should get in touch to track the status to ensure that it will be delivered on time. Moreover, if you were expecting a particular sign, flyer or banner design to have been printed for a corporate event that has not arrived by its delivery date then you should use this number to leave a complaint. Similarly, customers who are unhappy with the quality of a marketing product or who have noticed a misprint on a business card should ask how to return their order before claiming a refund.


Cost of Calling the Customer Services

Customers will be glad to know that they can contact Vistaprint on their freephone customer service number for no charge whatsoever as 0800 lines are always free for UK landlines and mobiles. Furthermore, the Visaprint customer service department available for callers working in even international businesses as their helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Email Vistaprint

Customers who would prefer not talking over the phone will be glad to know that they are guaranteed a reply within 24-hours if they email Vistaprint with any enquiries or complaints when using the following address: